Fable of love: A fable of love

God was immersed in a great task in his workshop and a group of angels, curious about what the Lord would be doing, approached him to question him about it.

What are you doing father?

“My greatest creation,” God answered.

Yes. What exactly? –The angels asked in chorus.

The angels did not give credit to this and with extreme surprise asked:

But why would that eight-eyed one want to be? Are not many?

With his characteristic patience, without bothering with so many questions, the Lord explained:

With a pair of eyes you will be more capable than any other being to appreciate the beauty of the world around you. Another will allow you to understand everything that happens around you, that is, the actions of everything created by me. Through the third one he will be able to read the thoughts, that which is not said in words and leaves the depths of the heart, and with the fourth pair you can discover my presence in the great details of life, such as the peace that children overflow while they sleepOkay, it sounds wonderful -said the angels. But with their curiosity still on the rise they asked again.

And the six arms for what?

Likewise unperturbed, God explained again.Two arms will be to serve in all the beautiful tasks of life, simple and complex. Another pair will allow you to cradle all my children, caress them at all times that they require and give love, affection and tenderness. The remaining two are those that will serve to raise the children each time they fall, as well as to fight against the unfair.Every time God explained the angels they were more amazed. Certainly, it seemed that this would be the best work of the supreme creator.

Will this father be intelligent? –Asked together.

Yes, God answered. He will be able to understand all the complicated issues and appreciate the beauty of poetry, as well as always find the light even if it seems that darkness will reign hopelessly.But for what in specific you conceive it? What functions will you give it? –The angels returned to the charge and once again they were answered.

A fable of love
Fable of love: A fable of love

This creation will be blessed by me to calm the crying of children, encourage entrepreneurs, forgive those who are wrong, and accompany at all times even when not already physically or in life.The angels did not understand what the Lord meant exactly in all the descriptions he had made. His work looked magnificent, but it seemed very weak and blunt for all the attributes and functions mentioned.

In this sense they expressed their concerns to God, who told them.My creation looks fragile, but it has an enviable strength for any other I’ve done before. He can endure most of the calamities of life and will never allow his children and loved ones around him to be engulfed in overwhelming vicissitudes.Still intrigued, and sure that what they witnessed was their father’s greatest work, the angels finally asked.

Father,what exactly? What will you call her?

To which God quickly and swelled with pride at his creation he replied.Your name will prevail forever in the history of men. Therefore it will have the best possible name. She will be called Mother and will be the greatest in humanity.

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