Fable with moral: The Bull and the Goats

Once upon a time there was a bull and three goats that, as they were raised together since childhood in a green meadow, were very friendly and spent the day playing.

The scene of seeing them playing was common in the meadow but for a stray dog ​​who watched them from afar every day, it was still a bit strange.One day the dog could not stand his curiosity anymore and went to the bull and asked.– Partner, how is it that you, such a strong bull, spend your days playing with three insignificant goats? Don’t you see that you can be the talk of the rest of the animals?

Bull and the Goats 2020
Fable with moral: Bull and the Goats 2020

They will think that you are a weak bull and that is why you get together with defenseless animals.The dog’s words made the bull think that he did not want to be the laughing stock of the rest of the animals, nor did he like the idea of ​​underestimating his strength and courage.In short, for what they will say, he moved more and more away from his goat friends, to the point that a day came when he didn’t see them anymore.Time went by like this and the bull felt more and more alone. She missed her friends goats, who were like her only family, and the games they played together every day.

That emotional state made him reflect and he understood his mistake. You can never get carried away by what others say and must do what is born and dictate their conscience and heart. Otherwise, we can lose what we most appreciate or desire in life.Fortunately, for the bull it was not too late and he regained the friendship of his sister goats, with whom he was very happy forever, playing every day.

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