Fable with a moral: The Child and the Sweets

Peter did not know of greed or ambition, nor of all the damage this could do to people.

He was a healthy and playful child like any other, but his gluttony and his fondness for sweets were the attributes for which he was best known.One day he discovered a container full of sweets and without thinking or finding out who they were, introduced his hand and grabbed as many goodies as he could. When he tried to withdraw his hand, he realized that he could not, and since he did not want to let out any candy he had taken, which would allow him to take out his hand, he began to cry inconsolably.

Child and the Sweets 2020
Fable with a moral: The Child and the Sweets 2020

His friend Juan saw him and said.-Pedro, if you settle for half or a little less than what you have taken you can get your hand out of there and enjoy some sweets. Greed will not allow you to do neither one nor the other.So, Peter followed the advice and enjoyed tasty sweets. From that day on, he understood that ambition and greed can be truly harmful and prohibitive for the development and growth of a human being.

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