Fable of love: Chinese fable

A long, long time ago, a prince from northern China, called to be Emperor, launched a contest among the young single women of the court.The reason for the fight was to find the perfect candidate to marry her, as she remained single and thus could not be a monarch.

Dozens of rich and beautiful young people came, and one of very unique beauty too, but who was very poor and had only gone to see the prince up close.The girl knew herself at a disadvantage, but as she had always been in love with the prince, it was enough for her to be close to him even if it were for a few minutes.Thus, the prince handed a seed to each young man and told them that the one that arrived after six months with the prettiest flower sprouted from that seed would be his wife.

All the young women gave themselves to it immediately, and that of few riches, if not void, made a permanent effort.Although he knew little about cultivation techniques he investigated and tried everything. But every effort was in vain, because at six months nothing had sprouted from the seed.

When the day came to present the flowers, he decided to go with his empty glass. Although she was sure that she would not win, because all the other candidates had beautiful flowers of various colors, she thought that seeing the prince and future emperor up close was well worth any shame.

Chinese fable
Fable of love: Chinese fable

However, what would not be his surprise to be the chosen one. The prince said the test was based on honesty and that only she had passed it.All the seeds delivered by him were sterile, so that the rest of the candidates were vile liars and only she was the one to love and reign by her side. Thus, the Emperor and his honest Empress were happy for a lifetime.

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