Fable with a moral: The deer, the spring and the lion

Once upon a time there was a beautiful deer who approached a spring to quench his thirst. The animal drank from that crystalline water until he felt satisfied and then, seeing his reflection in the limpid spring, he was amazed at his antlers, which made him an animal admired by all due to its beauty.

However, the deer continued to contemplate and when he saw his thin legs he thought that it would be even more majestic if nature had given him thicker and showier legs, which were as impressive as his antlers.Thinking about all this, the deer realized that a lion was watching him from a bush, that he was ready to attack him and turn him into his prey.Without hesitation a second the deer launched himself into the race and managed to take, thanks to his speed, a considerable distance to the captor.

the spring and the lion 2020
Fable with a moral: The deer, the spring and the lion 2020

As the deer ran, he realized that his strength lay in his light legs and while the ground was flat, he maintained a considerable distance from the lion.However, the strength of this lies in the heart and never gave up despite the distance, which is why when they entered the thickets of the forest he was rewarded.In that scenario, the antlers lost speed to the deer, because it became entangled with how much branch and bush appeared on the road.In this way, the distance between the two animals became shorter and shorter until in the end the deer was trapped. His antlers had become entangled with canvases.Already about to die under the lion’s claws, the deer realized how wrong he had been in the spring.

His main attribute was his thin legs and not the beautiful antlers, which in the end would cost him his life.It was too late for the deer, but to understand that the essential and most valuable is not exactly the most beautiful is something that can be very useful to us throughout our lives.

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