Fable with moral: The Doctor and the sick

There was a patient hospitalized, who felt worse every day and did not see any improvement in his condition.One afternoon the doctor went through his usual rounds and asked him what afflicted him, what symptoms made him feel bad.

The patient confessed that he felt he was sweating more than usual, to which the doctor responded, without stopping to check him- That’s fine.A day later, the doctor visited his patient again and asked him again what afflicted him.- I feel that I tremble and I have more chills than at any other time in my life – said the patient.The same thing happened again the next day and the doctor asked the man what symptoms he had to feel sick.Concerned, the patient said.-Doctor, I have had diarrhea and the remaining symptoms do not go away.

Doctor and the sick 2020
Fable with moral: The Doctor and the sick 2020

That’s fine – said the doctor, who was already leaving the place when he heard that the patient was telling a relative who was visiting him:- I think I’m so well dying. Every day I am worse.The doctor blushed in shame and from that moment he began to take his patients’ health seriously. He understood that there are professions that impose constancy, seriousness and concern, and that one cannot walk playing with the life and well-being of others.

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