Short Fable: The dreams of a milkmaid

Once upon a time there was a young woman, daughter of a farmer who went to town to sell milk, and while she was moving the pot full of milk, she planned her future.

When I finish selling all the milk, I will invest the money in three hundred eggs. Of these a part is not going to be born, but surely at least 200 chicken I will have. Each chicken can be sold at high prices since by the time they are ready the prices in the market will have risen. If I achieve this, I will have the money to buy a very beautiful party dress with which I can attend causing a sensation.

dreams of a milkmaid 2020
Short Fable: The dreams of a milkmaid 2020

By attending the dances so beautiful I will make all the young people pretend to me, being able to value each one of those present.Suddenly he tripped over a stone and fell to the ground along with the milk container which was completely spilled, also destroying each of the plans he had made.

Moral: You should not wish to have a greater fortune because nothing you have will seem enough.Do not think about the future without having secured your present because only then will your future have results.

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