Top 10 Famous and Folktales: Famous and popular fables

Do you know the most popular fables in the world? In Hdfon we have prepared many famous fables for you to remember those you already knew as to learn new ones.

The eagle and the arrow

An eagle rested quietly on top of a hill when suddenly, a hunter wandering around decided to hurt her with one of his arrows. Twisting in his pain, the unfortunate bird could see that the arrow had been made with eagle feathers, and in the last breath he exclaimed: “What a torment! Die with a weapon made with feathers of my own kind. ”

Moral: There is nothing so painful as to defeat us with our own weapons.

The Golden Egg Hen

A golden egg! Exclaimed the farmer admiring the feat of his hen. The next day, another golden egg, and throughout the week, and throughout the month. As expected, the farmer became very rich in a short time, but greed seized his thought, and he wanted the foolish to open his magic chicken to get all the gold. However, and as with any miserable company, the farmer ended up losing not only his wonderful chicken but also all the wealth he had obtained.

Moral: Greed only leads us through winding roads

The hunter and the fisherman

A hunter returned home loaded with his products when suddenly he ran into a fisherman who also carried his baskets full of fish.So, the hunter wanted to have the fisherman’s fish, and he wanted to have the hunter’s meat as well. Without much delay, the two men exchanged the fruit of their work and were so satisfied with the treatment that they repeated it over and over again for several weeks.However, an old man who watched them from the first day approached them one afternoon and said: “Such an exchange will soon cease to be, and it will not take long for you two to wish to keep what you obtained.”

Moral: Alternate your joys and you will live them better.

The Beaver

In ancient times the beaver was highly coveted by men, as they say, their parts were used to cure diseases. However, when the hunters go into the swamps in search of these animals, they run with all the speed of their legs to be safe, and when they fail to escape and the men surround them, they are able to cut their valuable parts and get rid of them in order to stay alive.

Moral: Sometimes, a lesser evil can lead us to a greater good.

Famous and popular fables
Top 10 Famous and Folktales: Famous and popular fables

The camel, the elephant, and the monkey

When the lion died, the animals decided to look for a new king. The camel and the elephant immediately began to argue among themselves for taking over the throne, but the monkey said: “You, camel, very little you serve because you do not help the helpless, and as for you, elephant, you could not be King because you fear the pig. ”

Moral: Strength is measured with our weaknesses.

The liar pastor

The wolf is coming! ”The shepherd shouted, going down the hill at full speed. Soon, the inhabitants of the town armed themselves with axes and mallets to face the animal, but soon they were outraged to see that the shepherd was falling apart with laughter and teasing. The next day, the young man decided to repeat the joke. Again, the villagers armed themselves to the teeth, and again they were ridiculous when they saw the pastor drowned in laughter. However, one day, the wolf did appear, and although the shepherd shouted in fear with the beast behind him, no one flinched or went out to defend him.

Moral: After many lies, the truth is no longer valid.

The dancer camel

A camel danced and danced bound by its owner while thinking saddened.“What a fate of fate! In addition to that path stripped of all grace, I also have to dance with the same mistake. ”

Moral: It is better to do what we are really good at.

The tortoise and the hare

All the animals gathered for the great race. In the starting line, the turtle and the hare were placed, but the latter barely moved when they gave the signal. The turtle, however, advanced as fast as its legs allowed, and the hare continued to fall apart in laughter without paying attention to the race. After hours, the turtle almost reached the finish line, and when the hare realized, it was already too late. Although he ran like a whirlwind, he could not do the conceit.

Moral: The vain, not saved even his own talent.

The goat and the goatherd

All goats except one came to the call of the goatherd. The laggard of the whole was enjoying a rich grass when suddenly, the young man threw a stone to scare it. So happy was the aim of the goatherd, that the goat lost a horn on impact, and desperate the boy, begged the animal not to tell his master, but this replied: “Even if I kept quiet, my broken horn speaks for If only”.

Moral: Consider the consequences of your actions at all times.

The horse and the soldier

The soldier had fed his horse during the war with abundant barley, but after the fight was over, the animal was reserved for the work of the field. During all this time, the horse was only fed with straw, while it had to transport huge packages from one place to another every day.Over the years, a new war was started, and the young soldier justify in search of his horse to leave for combat. However, the unfortunate animal was not the same as before, and with great discouragement, he said: “Very little I will serve you now as an ass. And how could you make a donkey the horse that I once was?

Moral: Keep and store your treasures over time.

The good lion king

There was once a lion king who was fair, kind and attentive to all the creatures of the jungle. During his reign, the lion called a meeting of animals to achieve peace and coexistence among all.In this way, the wolf apologized to the fawn, the tiger with the zebra, the panther with the hare, and all the animals were reconciled at once.

In the end, the hare said: “I thought this day would never come, but I am glad that finally, the weakest of the jungle can count on everyone’s respect”, and said that he justify the place with all the strength of his legs.

Moral: In a fair government the neediest find satisfaction, but they should not lower their guard.

The witch

A witch became famous for selling magic formulas and remedies that managed to relieve the wrath of the gods. Hundreds of people came to buy their remedies, but one day the witch was accused and brought to trial. Sentenced to death, people shouted in the street: “How are you able to master the fury of the gods and are not able to placate that of men?”

Moral: Doubtful are those who boast wonderful things and cannot achieve the most elementary.

Famous and popular fables 2020
Top 10 Famous and Folktales: Famous and popular fables 2020

The milkmaid

The milkmaid was walking happily while thinking and thinking on the way to town: “When I sell this milk, I will buy three dozen eggs. The eggs will give me beautiful chickens, I will sell them and make a pig. Ah! But my pig will grow healthy and strong, and so I can sell it to buy a cow, with the cow I will have milk to sell and buy more cows, then bulls, and… ” After a careless jump, the unfortunate woman dropped the jug of milk on the floor, and there she was, watching her illusions fade like the same milk that was lost on the earth.

Moral: Dream with your head in the sky, but your feet on the ground.

Popular and well-known fables with moral

Before talking about the famous fables, let’s make a small paragraph. What is a fable? It has a simple explanation that will not take more than two sentences. A fable is a story that tries to teach some value or lessons of life. Therefore, each story usually ends with a moral that will teach us what is right and what is wrong with everyday life.

These stories are written mostly in prose or verses and are not usually very long, since it is possible to tell it quickly and in just one minute, just at the moment in which the final moral is used to tell certain events that they have happened in the last minutes.

There are many known fables that have been able to pass from generation to generation for many years. On many occasions they have been adapted or undergone minor insignificant changes, simply to make it more attractive in the current era. If we talk about famous fable writings, we have the Grimm brothers who, in addition to writing classic stories, have justify us the best classic stories. We also have the Aesop Fables, a compendium of different of them that have been published in different editions, and that still today is still one of the best selling books.

From this book that we have in the previous paragraph, we find the popular story of “The hare and the turtle”. A story starring these two beings who need to make a race for land and water, and that repeat and repeat the race until finally discover the perfect solution; cooperating Another classic and very famous Aesop fable is “the cicada and the ant” that teaches us the importance of daily work to enjoy in the future.

If we see the titles of the two previous popular fables we can see that they are animals. These beings become the perfect protagonists to explain the different values. We can also find inanimate objects endowed with voices. These are stories that children like but that teaches them an important lesson about what is right and what is wrong. Do not hesitate to get the famous fables of literature and take the opportunity to read one every day.

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