Short Fable: Forgiveness of Death

On one occasion a poor old man, very tired because his work day had been very strong, carried firewood he had just cut on his back. He had been walking for a long time and even the road he had justify was long, so he decided to call Death and thus be able to rest. Upon hearing his call, death appeared at the place where the old man was, and staring at him he asked him why he had called.

Forgiveness of Death 2020
Short Fable: Forgiveness of Death 2020

The poor old man, after having rested a few minutes, and with sorrow on his face said. I wanted to ask you if you were so kind to help me carry this heavy load. It was just that.Death forgave the old man because his desire to live was so many that they had managed to make him forget the exhaustion and pain he felt.

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