Short Fable: The Great Idea of ​​the Selfish Fisherman

This was a man who was tired of not being able to get fish to live a little more comfortable than before, and that is why he decided to put into practice a new system that only a few days ago he had invented.What he intended was to use nets that, by placing them in the river, prevented water from passing through them and in this way the river would run out of current that facilitated their escape to the fish.

In addition the final touch of the invention consisted of a hemp rope that was attached to one end and from which hung a stone with which the water was hitting. While this was happening that man thought.With this idea I will make the fish so eager to escape that they go directly to my trap.A fisherman who passed by the place, seeing what he was doing, very annoyed said.

Selfish Fisherman
Short Fable: The Great Idea of ​​the Selfish Fisherman

Do not you realize that with this the water we receive in the town is full of mud because you keep dirtying the water of the river?A thousand apologies, I am very sorry to know that this will bother you, but this is the only way I have to feed myself and get out of this poverty at once  said the desperate fisherman.

Moral: Your goals in life are important but never do it harming others.

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