Short Fable: The Greed of Man

This is the story of a man who was so greedy whose greatest desire and aspiration in the world was to possess abundant wealth that allowed him to feel a person of great importance and whose name was transcendental.

There was a day when he got up wanting to sell everything he owned; so he took all his belongings and set off for the city on top of his beloved burrito. Once I arrive in the city, I change everything I brought, even to the poor burrito, for a very bright gold ingot. He did not think, nor took pity on the poor donkey he loved so much because for him the only important thing was to possess wealth.

While returning home he did nothing but think about where he could hide that valuable ingot. He was looking for a safe place, where no thief could find. His house could not be because as he no longer had any furniture, or anything since he had sold everything, although he did not regret it, just seeing the shine of his ingot was worth it. The man searched and searched everywhere until he found the ideal place in the garden around his house; a hole that was not visible and that was behind a stone.

Greed of Man
Short Fable: The Greed of Man

Very excited he exclaimed as he covered the precious ingot with a cotton cloth and then put it in the hole.- I have finally found the perfect place to hide my treasure.Although he always thought his secret would be safe, he was always afraid that someone would take away his treasure. At night he barely rested and when only the first rays of sun had come out, he ran out to verify that his treasure was still in the same place. Very happy because everything was going normally, that greedy man continued with the daily tasks. Days, weeks and months passed and he kept up the same routine every morning.

One day a neighbor of the region, who had been observing that situation for some time, was curious to see what it was that every morning that man reviewed with such care and dedication. He approached very slowly and carefully to the place where the rock was and when he looked closely he could see that there was a gold bar the size of a bar of soap. Surprised at such a situation, he reached in and took it out very quickly, and as he walked so that no one could see it, I keep it in his pocket.

Upon arriving the next morning, when the miser woke up and went to check he saw that there was nothing and desperately began to shout.- They have robbed me, someone help me, they have robbed me! Oh my God, what will you do with me! I no longer have riches!A peasant who felt the man’s desperate cries went to see what was happening and when he heard that situation he could not resist and gave him his judgment.

You thought that having an ingot would make you invincible, and you got rid of all those things that were useful to you. That bullion offered you nothing, just the pleasure of being able to appreciate it and you felt rich and powerful. Now if you want to take one of those stones, the one you want, place it in the hole, which will serve the same, for nothing!The man realized his mistake, and although he was now poorer than before he understood that things had to be valued. Saving wealth is useless, things should be valued for their role in life and because they make it more pleasant and enjoyable.

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