Short Fable: The Hungry Wolf

This story happened one morning when the farmer had finished working in his fields and led the oxen to cool off in the pond. After drinking water they set out to rest a little because they were very exhausted by the weight of the plows when suddenly a hungry wolf appeared in search of food.

This was gradually approaching the plow, and once there began to taste the edges of the yoke to feel at least the taste of the sweat of the oxen and thus fool your stomach. It began smoothly but it was so hungry that he did not realize that his head was getting inside the yoke. The hungry wolf upon realizing that he had been trapped by the yoke began to despair because he could not get out so he started running in all directions. While running he dragged the plow through the furrow that the oxen had made.

A while later the farmer arrived with his oxen and when he saw what was happening he shouted at the wolf. Damn wolf! How different everything would be if you didn’t have those bad ideas of harassing the animals that help us in the field to work. I would be a very happy man if you plow my fields with the same force and speed with which you run now desperate to free yourself from that heavy yoke.

wolf 2020
Short Fable: The Hungry wolf 2020

Moral: When you are bad and your intentions are not good, although it seems that you act well in the end your nature exposes you.

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