Short Fable: Jupiter and Defects

This story happened a long time ago when the god Jupiter sent a message to all the animals of the world to meet with the aim of being asked to correct their defects.The first animal cited was the monkey and I ask him if he agreed with his body. Do I have any reason not to agree with him? My body is the same as that of another animal, this cannot be said by the bear because its body seems to be half done.Then the bear arrived and everyone thought he would start complaining.

Instead of complaining he began to highlight the qualities of his figure and later telling him that the elephant could be better if its tail was longer and if its ears were smaller its body would look much more beautiful.Because of how the meeting was going, it was expected that the elephant would start complaining about someone else; and he did so because he started talking about the whale, the ant and the rest of those present.

Jupiter and Defects
Short Fable: Jupiter and Defects

This meeting took place in an unusual way and Jupiter, seeing that all they were doing was relieving the defects of others, suspended the meeting and told them to leave. The great God was thinking for a while and after a great analysis came to a great conclusion, and that is that of all animals man is the worst. He was given some saddlebags with the aim of facing the defects of others and forgetting his own.

Moral: First try to correct your own flaws and then highlight the faults of others.

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