Fable of love: Love and time

They say that once upon a time there was an island of unusual beauty in which all the good feelings of humans lived, as well as their values.

Some of them were good humor, wisdom, temperance, sadness, joy, in short, all, including love. They lived in harmony, compensating each other.It turns out that one day the most terrible storm of all loomed over the island. The feelings and values ​​were informed that the island would succumb and be trapped under the waters, so everyone got ready to flee in disarray.

Love and time
Fable of love: Love and time

The flight to get safe was very fast, but on the island was an inhabitant, who preferred never to leave his home. It was about love, which with his attitude showed that he is the feeling that will always accompany men and women throughout life, regardless of the calamities or the times ahead.

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