Fable with a moral: The owner of the swan

They say that swans are able to sing beautiful and melodious notes, but only just before they die.

Unaware of this, a man bought a magnificent swan one day, which was said not only to be the most beautiful, but also one of the best singing.He thought that with this animal he would entertain all the guests he frequently had in his house and would be a source of envy and admiration for his companions.The first night he had it at home he organized a feast and took it out to exhibit it, which precious treasure.

He asked him to sing a beautiful song to liven up the moment, but to his annoyance and disappointment, the animal remained in the most absolute and fervent silence.So the years went by and the man thought he had wasted money buying the swan.However, when the beautiful animal already felt old and about to leave for another life, it sang the most beautiful song that human ears have heard.

owner of the swan 2020
Fable with a moral: The owner of the swan 2020

Hearing it in the most absolute delight, the man understood his mistake and thought.What a fool I was when I asked my beautiful animal to sing back then. If I had known what the song announces, the request would have been quite different.In this way, man and everyone who knew him understood that things in life, even the most beautiful and longed for, cannot hurry. Everything arrives in a timely manner.

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