Short Fable: The Pastor’s Desire

Once upon a time there was a pastor who was in charge of caring for a herd of oxen. One day a calf was lost and he desperately went out in his search, going around the surroundings, but nothing could not find him. So much was the anguish over the loss of this little earth that he promised Zeus that if he told him who was responsible he would sacrifice a kid in his name.The shepherd continued searching and found a lion eating his baby.

Pastor's 2020
Short Fable: The Pastor’s 2020 Desire

When he saw who was responsible for this he was very scared and raised his hands exclaiming.- Great Zeus, I know that before I asked you to show me the thief in exchange for a calf; but now I ask you to help me escape from theMoral: Problems have solutions but always keep in mind that when you find him, you may be encountering the following problem.

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