Fable with moral: The rich and the shoemaker

Once upon a time there was a very laborious shoemaker, whose only entertainment was to repair the shoes that his clients brought him.However, the man enjoyed his work so much that, in addition to the fact that it was only enough for him, he sang with happiness every time he finished an assignment and with the satisfaction of his duty, he slept peacefully every night.

The shoemaker had a neighbor who, on the other hand, was an abundantly rich man, who was also somewhat disturbed by the daily chants of the industrious man.One day the rich man could not do more and decided to approach the shoemaker. He did not understand the cause of his happiness and when he was received at the door of the humble purple he asked his owner.Come here good man, tell me how much you earn a day? Is wealth the cause of his overflowing happiness?I am rather poor, so wealth is no reason for anything in my life.

That I thought and come to contribute to his happiness -said the rich, while extending to the shoemaker a bag full of gold coins.The shoemaker could not believe it. He had gone from poverty to wealth in just seconds and, after thanking the rich man, jealously guarded his fortune under his bed.

rich and the shoemaker 2020
Fable with moral: Therich and the shoemaker 2020

However, the coins made nothing happen again in the life of the man worker.Since he now had something very valuable to take care of, he no longer slept so peacefully, in the constant fear that someone would break in to steal him.Also, for sleeping badly I no longer had the same energies to cope with the daily work and much less to sing for happiness.

So tedious his life suddenly became, that a few days after receiving this fortune from his neighbor he came to return it.The rich man’s eyes gave no credit to what was happening.-How do you reject such fortune? –He asked the shoemaker. -Do you not enjoy being rich?-See neighbor -answered the shoemaker, -before having those coins in my house was a really happy man who every morning got up after sleeping peacefully to face his daily work with enthusiasm and energy.

So happy I was even singing whenever I could. Since I received these coins nothing is the same, because I only live worried about protecting fortune and I don’t even have peace of mind to enjoy it. Therefore, thank you, but I prefer to live as before.The shoemaker’s reaction greatly surprised the rich man.

However, both understood what such development of events meant, and that is that material wealth is no guarantee of happiness. This happens more throuugh small details of daily life, which sometimes go unnoticed.

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