Short Fable: The Stingy Lily

Once upon a time there was a mole family that lived very close to the lair of a lirón. One day, the youngest of the moles approached the door of the liron and said:

Good morning have you Don lirón, my mom sent me because she wants you to lend half a kilo of flour to make a cake. Although Don Lirón was very stingy, he reluctantly gave him the flour because Mrs. Mole had repeatedly helped him.

A few minutes later, the little mole returned to Don Liron’s door to ask for half a kilo of sugar. This time don lirón did not want to agree but not to refuse instead of giving sugar he gave salt.When night came, Don Liron felt a few knocks at the door, and when he opened he saw the family of moles and brought a cake and they all said together

 Congratulations! Here we bring you this cake that we have prepared with much love for you for your birthday.Don lirón was very astonished to see such a gesture and to show his gratitude he agreed to eat it later without saying that the cake instead of sugar had salt.

Stingy Lily
Short Fable: The Stingy Lily

Moral: If you are one of those who like to deceive others, at some point you will become deceived.

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