Fable with a moral: The Sun and the Frogs

The frogs of a quiet little lagoon were very alarmed and almost scared to death. The day before the star king, the Sun, had alerted them that everything would no longer remain the same as before, since he had decided to change his course.

Soon it would begin to illuminate the Earth only for six months, so the rest of the year would be a stage of darkness and coldness.The frogs immediately understood what this would mean for life, just as they knew it.The puddles would dry up, the rivers would lose their course until they disappeared, they could not heat up as before and the insects they fed would cease to exist.

Sun and the Frogs 2020
Fable with a moral: The Sun and the Frogs 2020

Desperate, they began to complain and ask the divine forces for their conservation, not without protesting and demanding what seemed right to them.From the top a voice answered his call and asked.- Do you ask for mercy only for you or for all living beings on the planet?-Well, for us. Why should we worry about other species?

Everyone who takes care and asks for their own.”That will be the case,” replied the voice, which has since disregarded the frogs’ requests for their selfishness.Certainly the sun did not stop shining, but since then the frogs are animals with very few friends, and all because of the selfishness of those in a small lagoon, capable only of worrying about their well-being and disregarding everything around them.

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