Fable of love: The two pigeons

There were two pigeon brothers who loved each other very much and spent all their time together, in harmony and safely performing all the typical pigeon activities.

One day, one of the two, the most adventurous, decided that he wanted to take a solo trip and experience new sensations. I wanted to know the world, beyond the tranquility that the usual tree they lived in gave them.His brother did not share his ambition and asked him to reconsider his decision. If he marched, he would have him very worried, because in the distant world there were many dangers for them pigeons.

He, who was justify, would be desperate for the venture of his daring brother. The most dangerous season was coming, which is why he even asked him to wait for the arrival of a quieter time.Despite all the requests, the adventurer wanted to leave. He told his brother not to worry, that with just a few days of travel he would be happy and return to the comfort of home.Thus, he decided to leave, leaving his brother in extreme concern.

As soon as the sparrow broke, he began to experience new sensations, but not in the way he imagined.A few kilometers from his peaceful tree, a terrible downpour broke out, forcing him to take refuge in an inhospitable tree, in which other creatures that he, little sparrow, did not know, lived.He was wet, soaked in the cold, and fearful of the threats that the rest of the creatures represented to him.

He escaped after hours of rain and the sparrow flew again.In the distance he saw a wheat field with grains on the ground, which he could taste to compensate for his appetite, but inexperienced as he was he did not imagine that it was a trap.It was touching the ground and pecking the first grain, when a heavy hunting net caught him.

Although he didn’t know anything about this, the sparrow knew it was an imminent danger. He fluttered hard and pecked the net, which was fortunately old, until he could free himself, not without leaving several feathers behind.The adventurer felt weak and damaged, and regret was beginning to emerge in him for having justify behind the comfort of his abode and his brother.

two pigeons
Fable of love: The two pigeons

This sensation increased when he spotted a vulture that predatoryly came from above to devour it. Fortunately for him, an eagle threw himself against the vulture, unleashing a brutal fight that ended up damaging him collaterally and indirectly.This was the straw that broke the glass and made the sparrow understand how bad he had done on his first trip.Without thinking twice he returned to his tree, battered and wounded, where his brother was waiting with fear and concern.

With the care of the latter the adventurous sparrow improved, but he never wanted to embark on a journey of risks and challenges alone. He had his brother to accompany him, and if he could not prepare more rationally. He understood that life is wonderful, a miracle in itself, but that one must know how to live it with reason to live it fully.

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