Fable with a moral: The turtle and the eagle

Once upon a time there was a very unhappy turtle with the life that had touched him, and that consequently he did nothing but regret.

I was really tired of walking slowly around the world, with its shell at a cost.His deepest desire was to be able to fly at high speed and enjoy the earth from above, just as other creatures did.One day an eagle flew over at a very low height and without thinking twice the turtle asked him to lift it up and teach it to fly.Strange the eagle agreed to the request of what seemed like a strange turtle and caught it with its powerful claws, to raise it to the height of the clouds.

The turtle was amazed at that. It was as if she were flying by herself and thought that she must be marveling and being the envy of the rest of the land animals, who always looked at her with some compassion for the slowness of their movements.”If I could do it myself,” he thought.More strange than at the beginning the eagle explained that a turtle was not made to fly. However, so much was the turtle’s insistence that the eagle decided to release it, only to see how the land animal fell at high speed and shattered against a rock.

turtle and the eagle
Fable with a moral: The turtle and the eagle

As he descended, the turtle had understood his mistake, but it was too late. Desiring and daring to do something that was beyond his abilities had cost him his life, a life that seen from that perspective no longer seemed so bad.That same reasoning was done by the eagle, who, contrary to the turtle, felt very satisfied and satisfied with what nature had given him.

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