Friendship Fables: The With Many Friendship Fables

Friendship is a very important feeling and is essential in our lives. In Chiquipedia we have prepared many fables about friendship that you are sure to love.

The two travelers and the bear

Two friends were walking through the forest when a bear suddenly appeared.One reacted immediately and climbed to the top of a tree, far from the predator’s reach. The other, without time to flee, opted to lie on the ground and pretend to be dead.The latter approached the bear, who smelled it for a few seconds and stopped near the man’s ear as if he were saying something.

The bear really smelled with determination, to see if the man was alive. But it turns out that he held his breath, for he had heard many times that bears do not touch corpses.When the bear justify, the first of the men came down from the tree and after checking that his partner was well asked him what the bear had said.This, without hesitation, told him that the bear advised him not to travel in the future with supposed friends who always run away from danger, abandoning others.

The two enemies

Two enemies were traveling in the same boat. They hated each other deeply, so one was in the stern while the other was in the bow.Suddenly and against all odds, a strong storm formed that would inevitably make the ship succumb. Dismayed, the man in the stern asked the captain: – Do you know which part will sink first?

To which the aforementioned replied: The bow always goes down first and then the rest of the ship.”Then I will die happily, for I will see my enemy succumb before me,” said the stern man.This bothered the captain very much, who could not understand how petty men exist, who prefer to enjoy the suffering of others, even if they hate them, rather than worrying about their own stability.

friendship fables 2020
Friendship Fables: The With Many friendship fables 2020

The two little friends

Once upon a time, there were two ostriches that were very friendly.However, contrary to their usual routine, they decided to play a little for fun, which caused a serious discussion between them, as both wanted to be the one that imposed the game.

No, it is to me to whom that right corresponds .the other ruled.

Thus, neither of them gave in until they certainly quarreled, fighting for many days.After the euphoria of the disagreement, the ostriches decided to make peace and talk about what had happened. Civilizing and conversing, they agreed that the decision of the game to follow would alternate by day so that the two had the same rights and duties.In this way, they never quarreled again, and those who see them play friendly play every day count.

The four steers and the lion

Once upon a time, there were four bulls who always walked together. They were very good friends and their strong unity made them strong and protected them from possible predators that roamed the area.One of the latter was the lion, who feared the bulls because he knew that nothing could be done against four of them.However, one day the lion rose smarter than ever and thought that if he divided his friends, he could face them one by one, defeat them and devour them.

Thus, he gave himself the task and began to instigate the disunity from afar, saying offenses to each of the bulls, awakening the envy between them and putting them against each other.It did not take the predator to achieve its objectives. He made each bull feel bad with his friends and killed them one by one.Seconds before he died, each steer understood the secret of his former strength, which kept the danger away: friendship and union.They were carried away by low passions and consequently lost their powerful shield.

The wolves and the dogs

Wolves and dogs got along very badly with each other. The former lived to harass the flocks of man, and the latter to protect them.

One day, the wolves said to the dogs:

We are very similar. So why don’t we help each other instead of fighting?

How so? -The domestic dogs asked.

Look-explained the savages, -the only difference that separates us is that we are free and you live in captivity, to serve man, protect his flocks, endure his orders and settle for the bones they give you, while they enjoy the juicy meat.

That is why we propose to ally all of us. They let us into the flocks, and we will share the spoils with you.fter the explanation of the wolves, the dogs reflected for a few seconds and agreed.But when the savages entered the stables and herds, the first thing they did was to kill the dogs and then they took as much meat as they could.Evil and about to die, all the dogs understood that they had been deceived.They had been carried away by siren songs, ignoring what they say can never betray those who really help us and trust us.

The eagle and the fox

Against what nature dictates, an eagle and a fox, who were very friendly, decided to live together.In this way, they set their home on the same tree. The eagle nested above with its chicks, while the fox did it with its young in a large hole-burrow below.

However, the friendship did not last long.

One day the fox went out to look for food for her children and the eagle, very hungry, went on the hunt for one of the skunks, which she caught and shattered to feed her little ones.When the fox returned, he became very angry at the betrayal, but he had no way to take revenge. He suffered his loss and felt helpless, unable to do anything.A few days passed and the wait for the fox was rewarded. A warm viscera that the eagle carried to its nest caused a fire, which brought all the chicks to the ground since they were too small to fly.Not short or lazy, the fox killed them all and shared them with her children, showing the eagle how high the price life charges when a sincere friendship is betrayed.

The bear and the florist

A bear and a floriculturist lived in absolute solitude.One day they went for a walk each by his side, to see if they found someone to keep them company.Thus, they met and although the first reaction was to fear, as nature dictates, they decided to establish a friendship to become a mutual company.Everything worked great for a few days. The bear hunted for both of them, and the man was in charge of talking enough and working to make the days lively.

However, one day the man slept deeply and a fly disturbed his sleep. Annoyed by the affront of the tiny animal towards his friend, the bear gave a terrible blow to the bug, which was perched on the man’s face. With this, he killed the fly, but also the poor florist, whose loneliness led him to forget that a clever enemy is better than a clumsy friend.

The wolves and the rams

Some wolves were eager to devour a flock of rams, but the dogs that protected them prevented it.Cunningly, the wolves cheated the rams and told them that domestic dogs were the cause of enmity between them. They explained that the wolves were stronger than the dogs and that if they delivered them, they would take them out of the way for peace and friendship to reign.

Naive as they were, the rams did what the wolves asked them to notice after their serious mistake. They perished one by one to the attacks of predators, but it was too late to understand that you cannot betray those who protect and help us.

The dog and the dogwood

Once upon a time, there was a crow that often offered sacrifices to the gods.One day he invited a dog to the ceremony, who asked him shamelessly none.Thy do you waste resources on sacrifices for the gods? Do you not know that you do not enjoy his favor and that is why your omens are not heard by anyone?

Faced with this requirement, the crow replied:

Precisely for that reason, I do it. They are so far from me that I need to call them intensely to see if one day they come.From that moment on, the dog understood that you cannot give up your efforts if it is rational until you get what you want.

friendship fables
Friendship Fables: The With Many Friendship Fables

Friendship Fables

Friendship becomes an important value in each one’s life. In our day today, we need friends so we must know how to make them and keep them. On many occasions, we can have problems with our friends but finally, we should not let a friendship end for insignificant things.An easy and clear way to explain friendship is through stories, stories and especially the fables about friendship whose final moral is intended to explain the functioning and perseverance of being part of the life of our friends despite the problems that may come along the way.

A good friend will not stop for anything.The fables of friendship are full of morals about this important value of our lives. Fables is a tool with which we can educate and teach children, and not so children, to different values ​​of life, like the one discussed in this article. All children should know that friends are an important part of us and on many occasions, it will be a pillar for everyday obstacles.The fables that have a moral of friendship are not many, but those that exist are paramount because they teach us the importance of keeping these people who care about us for nothing.

Therefore, we want to show you different fables for friends on this website that are perfect for you to explain to your little ones the importance of this important value called; friendship.There is a fable of a lion and a mouse, two very different beings between them but that their friendship and loyalty allows them to live without danger in nature because they will always be one and the other to help each other.

If we review our memory, we will surely find on the way a moment of our childhood where someone told us these known stories starring small animals that speak and that over time we have forgotten, but their morale has always been recorded in the memory. These are the fables, they are short stories where they will tell you what is right and what is wrong in a fun way so that you always keep it in mind.

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