Fable of love: The wolf, the babysitter, and the child

There was a very hungry wolf, who was walking and drifting through the forest in search of some food.Suddenly he glimpsed a hut and came over to see what was sticking to his appetite, when he heard that inside a child cried a lot and babysitter tried to calm him down.

Don’t cry anymore my little one, or else I’ll take you with the wolf said the babysitter.To the wolf this seemed very good for his hunger, so he remained on the outskirts of the hut to see if the child was still crying and they took him to him.After a long wait, at night, the hungry devourer listened as the babysitter sang to the child, to sleep it.In the song, it said.

wolf, the babysitte
Fable of love: The wolf, the babysitter, and the child

Sleep peacefully that the wolf will not come, and if it comes we will kill him.Upon hearing this, the wolf regretted having wasted so much time and decided to go find food elsewhere, but not before realizing that he had been indirectly deceived.”Humans say one thing and then do something totally different,” he thought, not understanding that he had misunderstood habitual gestures of love.

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