Fable of love: Zeus and the cute mother

The great Zeus proclaimed to the animal kingdom that he would give a great prize to the mother whose son was valued as the most beautiful.Given this fact, all the mothers of the existing species came to Olympus with their children in their arms. Many animals paraded, some more beautiful than others, until it was the turn of the monkey.

She presented her son, a hairless monkey, with a crushed nose and a sickly appearance with great tenderness. The mere fact that the monkey had gone with such a son made the rest of the animals laugh. But this, without letting himself be daunted, said.I don’t know if my son will get the prize before the divine judgment, but for me and my eyes, as well as for my mother’s love, he is the most beautiful and beloved of all the little ones in the world.

cute mother 2020
Fable of love: Zeus and the cute mother 2020

And so Zeus decided to reward her, because he understood that there is nothing like mother’s love, more if it is accompanied by pride despite any limitation, deficiency or adversity.

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